Messmate Dining Table Metal Base
Messmate Dining Table Metal Base

Messmate Dining Table Metal Base

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Australian Messmate Timber is grown deep
in the forests of South Eastern Australia.
Our Messmate is hand selected at the mill
to ensure it's of the highest grade and
quality, which allows us to produce
stunning timber furniture. We ensure that
our selection of Messmate Timber has a
consistent natural light brown colour, with
an abundance of unique & natural
The beauty of Australian Messmate
Hardwood Timber is that no two pieces are
ever the same. The gum veins and natural
characteristics seen in messmate timber
are not found in any other hardwood
timbers, making our product incredibly

This range is made locally so we can customise your size and stain colour. Ring or email for a quote.

Just letting you know that timber prices have increased by as much as 30% for local timbers. This reflects the increase on all locally made furniture.