PFS...then and now!

I'm coming up to my 35th year in the furniture industry. Starting off as a second hand dealer back in Prahran. Then in 2000, when GST came about and good old eBay, it wasn't viable to dedicate a bricks and mortar store to sell second hand goods. So out with the old and in with the new! I kept a similar mindset going into new furniture as I did with second hand goods, in that I would stock an eclectic mix of items. Safe to say it has worked, but mind you there were times I thought the end was nigh. Moving forward to 2023, with all the changes and shifts in consumer expectations and buying habits when it came to furniture and home wares, (did I say online?) there are still people out there who want/need to shop in a real store to feel, touch and see what they are purchasing especially when it comes to more substantial pieces.

PFS...an eclectic mix of locally made and selected imported furniture, artwork and homewares.