Recycled Timber Furniture

Why Choose Recycled Timber Furniture?

At PFS, we build unique and environmentally responsible furniture from recycled timber. We use RAT, or Reclaimed Australian Timber as our main material.

We combine the principles of salvage with salvation to create beautiful furniture using recycled timber from old buildings and structures. Not only does this result in gorgeous and individual pieces of furniture, but it also helps to save our beautiful forests.

Here at PFS, we aim to be environmentally resourceful which we accomplish by recycling timber furniture, choosing eco-friendly products, and using more locally sourced wood than imported wood. With PFS recycled timber, your home’s wooden furniture will be as environmentally friendly as it could possibly be.

There are so many advantages to owning furniture that is built using this timber that you won’t go back to regular wood again. Not only are there environmental benefits stemming from the use of recycled or reclaimed timber, but there are also advantages to the old wood furniture when compared with plastic or new wood furniture.

Most new, or ‘green’, timber is sourced from young trees. However, recycled timber usually comes from places where the wood will have already expanded and contracted a lot, as well as having been fully dried over the passage of time. This means that your recycled timber furniture will likely be less prone to warping, and also be far more durable than a piece of wooden furniture from brand new timber.

From delectable dining tables, to stunning sideboards, to beautiful bedroom furniture, when you choose to fill your house with recycled timber furniture, you know you will be investing in an amazing and environmentally conscious home.

Our RAT Dining Table will give your dining room a light and airy atmosphere, whilst the RAT Box Coffee Table  is perfect for placing warm winter beverages and cool summer cocktails. The Fissure Book Shelf is classic piece of furniture to store all your treasured books, knick knacks and curios.

(Please note is an item is imported, every effort is made in sourcing furniture made from recycled timbers available in that specific country.)

At PFS, we can also custom build recycled timber furniture to meet your desires, and provide you with a unique and gorgeous piece of furniture for your home. However you decide to furnish your house, all our recycled timber furniture will bring nature into your home. At PFS we try and be as natural as our wood!

Your furniture will be special and distinctive, and nothing else will be truly like it. Even if the furniture is not custom designed, or if another person chooses the same piece of furniture as you, the wooden pieces will always be unique because they will never be built from the same lumber as the other furniture. Using recycled timber furniture will also give your home a matchless edge.

If you have any questions or queries about our recycled timber furniture then please visit our Melbourne showroom or call 03 9579 0140.

Marc Lancman - recycled timber furniture specialist